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Friday, July 29, 2005

The Connection Between Food and Health and Illness

For the longest time, I was always quite healthy. But shortly after leaving Toronto after my hazy, crazy punk days of hard work and harder play, I went back home to my parents, broke both emotionally and financially. Very shortly after I moved home, I developed numerous allergies to food and environment. Over the next 14 years, I slowly developed a number of other illnesses culminating in the terrible symptoms of diabetes and hypothyroidism. They've affected my ability to hold down full-time work.

There are always all manner of explanations for these illnesses. First and foremost, stress from finances, work, family, and other relationships affects your health. Second, bad diet aggravates your stressed health. Third, for me, poor sleep habits make things even worse. I am of the opinion that if I didn't have to sleep, I wouldn't. For me, there isn't enough time in the world to learn and do everything I want to do. Layer these factors together and you have serious health problems. So what to do?

I experimented with a number of variations of diet, as well as trying many natural ingredients and remedies. I am not a big fan of Allopathic Medicine (aka "Western" Medicine). I come from a very long line of "natural" doctors, who practiced naturopathy, homeopathy, and ayurveda. (However, my maternal grandfather WAS an Allopathic Doctor.) These practices are far older than Western Medicine, and I have very little respect for doctors and powerful, wealthy pharmaceutical companies who tell you that Western Medicine is and always will be better. What they will never tell you is that many of the modern medicines of today were in fact derived from natural remedies. But unless they can mass produce the remedy, they can't make a cent.

Now, I strongly discourage you to do what I did without consulting both your physician and a Homeopathic/ Naturopathic expert, but I tried a number of homeopathic remedies (after consulting an expert myself). My results have been spotty at best, but then, there are so many factors affecting my illness. I spent eight years trying to be a vegetarian. And after I managed to be fully vegetarian for three years, one business trip to Atlanta, Georgia changed everything. I went back to being a meat-eater. But I struggled with trying to balance my allergies to most meats with my (then unknown) diabetic symptoms which caused me to fall alseep if I had too much starch and not enough protein.

Ultimately, I've found the best results with a balanced diet, free-range meats and eggs, minimal starches, and some naturopathic remedies. Now, I know that us North Americans typically are uncomfortable with with discussions of alternate medical practices. So rest assured that this will probably be the only such discussion in this blog. However, whenever possible, the recipes you find here will be geared towards health.

(c) Copyright 2005 Raj Kumar Dash,

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