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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Bitesize 14 - This Land Is Our (Farm) Land

My hometown is a small city of 108,000+ about an hour southwest of Toronto, Canada. Its university has a world-renowned agricultural engineering programming as well as a notable Hotel and Food Administration program, which includes a Dieticians program. Food and related endeavours are very much a part of this city. The provincial government's Ministry of Agriculture even moved their headquarters here. We have the questionable honor of being the birthplace to a popular sugar substitute, squarish watermelons (for easy packing), genetically modified potatoes and tomatoes, and more. Many food-related experiments used to be conducted here for decades. At least until the university spent the past 15 years handing out 99-year leases for buildings on most of their prime agricultural experiment land. Of course, we need more big-box stores, not arable land to conduct food-growing experiments on.

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