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Friday, July 29, 2005

Recipes: To Measure or Not To Measure

Despite my having lived in Canada and the US for nearly 40 years, I come from an East Indian background and I cook that way. We're like Italians and many other cultures in that we don't really measure ingredients when we cook. And we only really follow recipes when a dish is new to us, and maybe not even then.

That said, the recipes in this blog and my other cooking blogs will have measurements, but they are only approximations. Feel free to follow them, or get wild and change things around a bit to suit your tastes. The truth is that because I love to experiment with new food ingredients from around the world, I don't always have a lot of experience with the more exotic items and tend to be rather conservative in their use. So feel free to try different amounts until you find something you like. With new, original recipes, I may try up to ten variations before I settle on something. The downside with not measuring, though, is that I sometimes have trouble repeating the variation I liked best. Overall, though, my recipes are a guideline and hopefully a starting point for you to find a version that you like best.

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