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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Bitesize 15 - Food Anxieties Part II

Several years ago, I had an attractive young female friend whom I'd originally met when I'd managed her singer/guitarist boyfriend. Holly [name not changed to cause maximum embarrassment] and I met up a few years after I'd stopped managing her boyfriend, whom she was no longer seeing. I admit I was somewhat enamoured of her at the time, even though she was considerably younger than me. We were headed out for dinner. She was decked out in a slinky, shimmery blue silk dress that complemented her short dark hair. I gave her a couple of restaurant choices to select from, from which she chose a popular Japanese/ Korean restaurant near the local university. It actually happened to be my most popular restaurant hangout at the time.

Now I love Holly dearly, even though we parted ways on bad terms (She joked about getting married in front of a bunch of people that knew me, but wouldn't clarify if she was serious or really just kidding around. We've crossed paths since but she won't speak to me. Okay... I didn't talk to her either. Que sera sera.) But she has a strange quirk that she picked up when she was very young and has dealt with as best she can. It's nothing seriously weird, but she gets visibly upset if her food gets mixed together. Each part of her meal (e.g., veggies, meat, carbs) can be on the same plate, but they're not allowed to touch each other or she loses her appetite. She'll finish what's in her mouth before trying some different item. She simply won't mix food. Holly's aware of it, and she casually explains it away. It's a food anxiety that I've not seen with anyone else, of the hundreds of people I've dined with in my lifetime.

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