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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Rare Sliced Beef and Pho Soup Recipe

If you've tried the hearty, refreshing Vietnamese pho (fuh) soup that I've been talking about regularly in this blog (or even if you haven't) here's a quick recipe for making your own. The picture above shows pho with rare beef and beef balls.
  1. First heat up a mix of 1 part chicken stock and 2 parts water. This forms the soup broth. Keep it hot while doing the next step.
  2. Slice up a small onion in long, thin slivers.
  3. Follow the recipe for banh (bun) - Grilled Beef on Rice Vermicelli - from earlier today to prepare the vermicelli noodles. You can grill the beef if you like; however, if you want it rare, just add the pre-thawed or fresh slices (paper thin) to the soup in step 6 below. Skip the preparation of the lettuce, cucumber, and carrot strips.
  4. Place 1-2 cups of hot broth in a large soup bowl.
  5. To the bowl, add the prepared vermicelli noodles.
  6. Add the grilled or rare beef slices to the bowl and push them down into the hot broth. If you are adding rare beef, the heat of the broth will cook the slices.
  7. Top up the bowl with more hot broth, leaving enough room for adding bean sprouts.
  8. Sprinkle on the onion slivers, and dried garlic strands if you have it.
  9. Serve soup with a small side plate of bean sprouts, Thai basil leaves (small and minty), a 1/4 lime, and a serrano/bird pepper if desired. Keep sriracha or sambal oelek hot sauces on hand. [Add the bean sprouts to the soup, along with the basil leaves and a squeeze of lime. If you like your soup hot, squirt in a bit of sriracha.]
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