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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Spring Onion Beef Rolls

These are similar to my Golden Needle Beef Rolls, but use spring onion stalks instead of enoki mushrooms (golden needles). Here is a revised recipe:

Ingredients: (1) 2-3 pieces sliced beef (paper-thin) per roll; (2) 3-4 green onion stalks for each two beef rolls, cut into 3-4 inch lengths. For visual effect, you want to have the green onion stalks sticking out of the rolls. So you may actual want to cut the stalks a bit longer. Use more of the white part rather than the green, as that'll burn quickly.

Preparation: Use the same instructions as for the Golden Needle Beef Rolls. However, the onions will be likely to burn on the grill, so turn the rolls regularly.

Serve as an appetizer with soya sauce or onion dip for dipping.

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