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Friday, September 23, 2005

Japanese-Italian Golden Needle (Enoki Mushrooms) Beef Rolls

Enoki mushrooms (aka golden needles) are one of those delights that, if you're a mushroom lover, you've got to try at least once. These thin, white, long-stemmed mushrooms, with a tiny bulbous head, are crisp, and add a wonderful texture to salads and clear soups. They also are great in a savoury Japanese-style beef roll that's easy to make. [Note: I'm using my new "recipe summary" format for this and some of my future posts. If do you don't like the format, feel free to drop me a comment or email.]

Ingredients: (1) 1-2 pieces sliced beef (paper-thin) per roll; (2) 10-12 enoki (golden needle) mushrooms per roll.

Preparation: (1) NOTE: The sliced beef and lamb available in oriental markets is usually cut paper thin and frozen. Because it is so thin, you should use 2-3 stacked pieces per roll. Otherwise, use pieces of beef flank hammered into thin roulade ovals, or thin-slice proscuitto from an Italian market. (2) Lay the slices of beef in a stack. Arrange the enoki mushrooms into a log sideways (across the short dimension) and then roll the meat up (roulade). If you are using beef flank instead of sliced beef or sliced lamb, you may need to use a toothpick or two to hold the roulade in place. (3) Repeat the above step for each roll. (4) Place the rolls in a shallow serving dish and sprinkle some soya sauce over them. Marinate for 5-10 minutes. (5) The rolls can be prepared in two main ways: (a) The first is to pan-sear 4-6 roll batches in a bit of butter (1 tbsp) and cooking oil (1 tbsp), then finish them in the oven for 2-3 minutes. This is probably best for sliced beef, and also works for beef flank. (b) The second method is to grill the rolls over a flame. However, because the beef slices are so thin, the chances of burning are high, especially because of the dripping soya sauce. This method might be better for beef flank. Grilling is obviously healthier because it doesn't use the butter or oil. Remember to turn the rolls repeatedly so that they cook evenly. I have also finished them on a flat-top grill or a George-Foreman style of "health grill" with positive results.

Presentation: Serve as is on a platter, with a small dish of soya sauce or onion dip for dipping.

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