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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Bitesize 5 - Opening Soon? Starting Your Own Restaurant

Not sure if countries other than Canada have it, but there's a TV show on Food Network Canada called "Opening Soon". If you're a foodie, you probably already know about it. It gives a very thorough rundown of many aspects of opening a new restaurant, from contractor problems to city licenses to waitstaff and promotion.

It's an incredibly scary show in that it's extremely thorough in presenting what can and often does go wrong when opening a restaurant. Despite this, after 2-3 years of watching, I want to open my own restaurant even more than I did, say, 15 years ago. I watch it religiously, even viewing repeat episodes up to 4 or 5 times. I'm one of those poor deluded souls that, if he could, would take on a mortgage to open my own fusion cuisine restaurant, but without the arrogance and snobbery that seems to inhabit many such establishments. Anyone else? What kind of restaurant would you open, if you could? Would you cook, run the place, or just sit back and rake in the profits? Let me know and I'll post some of the responses here. My email's rdash001-at-yahoo-dot-ca [secret-coded to avoid evil spambots]. Include a link to your food-related blog, if you have one.

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