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Monday, September 05, 2005

Food In Print - September 2005

After David the Wine Guy and I supped at Red Papaya Vietnamese-Thai restaurant last night, I visited a nearby newstand to find some food magazines and ended up with the September issue of "Gourmet" and "Food & Wine".

The September "Music" issue of "Gourmet" magazine has "Elvis' Favorite Recipes" listed as the first cover story. The issue has a variety of snippets about food and music, including the kitchen preferences of various celebrity chefs, including perceived bad boy Anthony Bourdain: "No Billy Joel, no Grateful Dead." British DJ Matthew Herbert is best known for his electronic dance tunes that sample various food ingredients, such as coffee beans, as noisemakers/sound source. Personally, despite composing in music a variety of styles, I prefer listening to heavy metal in a busy kitchen. I despise quiet kitchens.

Now while The King, Elvis Presley may be one of my heroes, it's the cover of the September issue of "Food & Wine" that really caught my eye. In addition to listing a "Complete guide to sushi", a piece on wines to drink "with Chinese takeout", and a coverage of the "best new Asian restaurants", the cover has a big photo of Vietnamese summer rolls and a bowl of peanut sauce. Vietnamese "star chef" Charles Phan, in a piece by Laurie Winer, shows how easy it now is to find common Asian ingredients in regular American supermarkets, then presents several delicious looking recipes.

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