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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Bitesize 10 - Grilled Bee, Anyone?

I don't normally eat outside all that often. I have a weird phobia about people staring at me as I eat. (But just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean they aren't staring :D) However, this afternoon was so lovely that, on my way to the university library to do research, I stopped off at the grocery store and bought a few items. Then continuing on my way, I found myself so famished that I stopped for a bite. Sitting on a small wall, enjoy the lovely September breeze, I assembled a sandwich of grilled sausage, carrots and celery in a pita. On my second bite, I noticed a small, hovering striped object that nearly followed the sandwich into my mouth. Grilled bee, anyone?

I managed to shoo the striped critter away, but he wasn't on planning on leaving so soon. It took a few more shoos. Now if you're wondering what bee would taste like, it just so happens that I know someone who has tried various culinary oddities, including bee, tree grubs, and other items. Jesus, as we used to call him because of his long, straight silky blond hair and medium-length beard, was a world traveler. On a trip to Southeast Asia (the exact country escapes me), he was deep in the jungle with his native guides. With no food on him, and rather hungry, he accepted what his guides were roasting over a fire: bees and tree grubs. According to Jesus, both items tasted considerably like cooked shrimp in both taste and texture - particularly like the soft crunch of shrimp that leads to the buttery texture inside. Thank goodness I'm allergic to shrimp :)

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