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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Bitesize 9 - Mr. Freezie?

My familiar, Aeric Sir Stinkybutt Half-A-Cat The Lion-Hearted Prince of Roo Zoo (so sue me, I'm weird :D), or Aeric for short, has the weirdest taste in food. He loves popsicles and those frozen tubes. He can smell me opening packaged food two stories down and always has to come and check out what I'm having. Some things he'll sniff and leave, but if I'm having frozen treats, he won't leave until I give him some. In fact, if I don't give him any, he helps himself. If I'm not paying attention, he'll lick the entire treat.

A friend of mine has a cat named Zeus who is getting on in years. Zeus used to be friendly to me when I met her about 10 years past. But when my friend got married a few years ago and her husband brought 2 male, attention-seeking cats to the family, Zeus was nonplussed and became a bit snobbish. But break out the potato chips and she'd even deign to sit beside you for a while.

How about you, readers? Have a pet with a weird food festish?

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