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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Bitesize 7 - Are You Eating That? Battling Anorexia

Back in my punk days of the mid- to late-1980s in party town Toronto, Canada, I threw a lot of dinner parties for friends, mishmashing East Indian, Chinese and Italian flavours, for the most part. Back then, that's pretty much all I could make. But my weird cross-cuisine was a hit anyway. Except with one roommate that was an international model and exhibited the classic symptoms of anorexia. She just didn't take care of herself and had no interest in trying anything I made.

In the half year or so that she lived at the same place, I never saw her eat a full meal. In fact, I don't know if she really ate at all. All I ever saw were half-eaten, dried up bowls of corn kernels. She did the same with cereal and milk. I don't remember her eating anything else, certainly not a balanced meal. She would never finish a full bowl of anything, as if to convince herself that she wasn't overeating. It was really quite sad seeing her do that. She was a sweet girl that just didn't take care of herself. If you saw her before she put on her daily makeup, you'd probably wonder how it was that she was a model. She looked a like trainwreck with her ultra-pale face matched against messy blonde hair, and her undernourished body was way too skinny.

Her situation reminds me of a Matt Dillon movie (the name escapes me) where his character was dating an anorexic supermodel. He was fed up with her high-maintenance, neurotic behaviour. A classic line from the film, spoken by his character, goes something like this: "For God's sake, why don't you eat something," which summed up his frustration with her not taking care of herself. Whenever I see that movie, it makes me think of my old roommate. Tess, I hope you're taking care of yourself. When it comes down to it, in life, all we really have is our health.

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