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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Bitesize 12 - Mr Tea

In India, tea is called chai or cha. The latter is also the word the Chinese use, as they introduced tea to India. However, tea is prepared differently in both countries. In India, the most popular form of tea is chai. Chai has become so popular in various parts of the world that it is now available in bottled form in a variety of flavours. In North America, tea's popularity seems to have had its heyday at the end of 1970s, after which time coffee appears to have become the more popular drink. (This is just a personal observation amongst the hundreds of friends and acquaintances and customers I've spoken to.) Now, however, Indian chai and Vietnamese bubble tea have become very popular in Canada and the US.

Bubble tea is like the Vietnamese equivalent of iced tea, but with fruit juice added. You can also have your choice of tiny cubes of coconut flesh or black, chewy tapioca balls (the so-called "bubble" part of bubble tea). Add milk if you like, and blend to make slushy, if you prefer.

Chai is also a very simple drink to make, but the street vendors in India make making it into a real display, causing the drink to froth up by quickly pouring it back and forth between two large glasses. The more skilled of the street chai vendors make it appear as if the drink is floating back and forth through the air between the two glasses.

Please see the next post for a chai recipe.

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