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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Bite Size 8 - Who's That Chef Running Around Your Store?

When I worked in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, 5 summers ago, I always found it amusing that of the three Chinese restaurants I went to near Smyrna, Georgia, nearly all the cooks were Latino-Americans. What's odder still, in an Indian restaurant next door to one of these Chinese restaurants, there was an Oriental cook there. People often think Americans are closed-minded, but I find that at least when it comes to restaurants and their staff, Canada (or at least the province of Ontario) is closed-minded. You won't find several members of one cultural group cooking in a restaurant of a different cuisine.

Over the past 4 calendar years, I worked in a number of fusion cuisine restaurants in Ontario and found it difficult to be considered at some of them for anything more than dishwashing or appetizers, even though I knew how to cook most of the dishes. It's as if the owners were afraid of offending patrons. Now that said, I did work in a Vietnamese restaurant for a while. In fact, two Vietnamese restaurant owners had offered to sell their business to me. As a big fan of Vietnamese food, had I had the money, I would have bought both places. And probably hired French chefs :)

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